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I am trialing a new training platform and looking for feedback. There are a limited number of free 8 week training packages available. 

Join me on the run

Running is for people of all ages. Running makes you feel fantastic. It builds your aerobic capacity, strengthens your muscles,  and revitalises your brain. It makes you feel young and fit, unstoppable.  

I started running later in life, after moving to the Blue Mountains, Australia. I got hooked and never looked back. I ran races of all distances including a number of ultra marathons. We can all do so much more than we ever imagined. Running has truly transformed my life and opened up many new possibilities. It changed my health and wellbeing, brought me to new places in the world and gave me many new friends. 


As an Athletics Australia certified running coach, I specialise in supporting people who want to stay active and fit well into their later years. When we get older a one size fits all approach doesn't work. Our injury risk increases, we all have our own personal exercise history and our own personal views on what our running goals are. I have a holistic approach to training that takes these challenges into account and incorporates aspects such as  lifestyle, exercise history and running ambitions.

It will be my pleasure to assist you with your running so that you can experience the positive effects of running on your health and wellbeing. Whether you are a beginner,  a seasoned masters athlete or return to running after years of absence, feel free to schedule a free online consultation session to find out more.

Running programs


Free 8 weeks trial

Limited number of online free trial places available.  In this trial period you will receive a number of workouts per week depending on experience and ability, as well as tailored information, guidance and weekly check-ins. Build the foundation for  lifelong running! 

Price:  Free/8 weeks


Personalised training

Ongoing Monthly coaching program  focusing on an injury free lifelong running journey.  It includes setting  training and racing goals, individualised training, and training  modifications as required, as well as a weekly online or phone check in.

Price $90/month


Phone consultation

If you have a specific training question or challenge but don’t need a full training program, you can schedule a one off consultation session. Pricing is dependent on the complexity and level  of advice and support required. 


Free consultation session 

  • I will be in touch with you within 48 hours to set up a personal free online consultation session.​

  • You decide whether you would like to progress with the coaching program.


  • You will receive a health risk assessment for completion​.

  • Your personalised program will be designed within a week after the consultation session. ​

  • You will have full time access to your training program on an online training platform.​

  • You will have weekly check-ins with your coach and email access whenever you have questions or concerns.  ​

  • Ongoing coaching cost of $90 per month, with a minimal 1 month commitment. ​

  • Limited availability in the free 8 weeks trial program. For this program I use a new coaching platform, and I would like your feedback in return for the free training.

  •  Sign up for a program in the above section, or get in touch with your inquiry!


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